We are a trading company of Japanese automotive precision parts.  We are a global trading company with many cooperator around the globe.

Our role is not only a trading company but also the sales window of our manufacturing parts. We are the sales window of K’mac  group and Kyosei group.

Our product is fastener parts, die casting aluminium, airbag cold forging, control cable, alumunium exstursion, pipe assy, etc ( please see more detail info at the product list).

We able to provide the automotive parts with the best price and best service.  You can submit to us your inquiry and we will response to you as soon as possible.


PT.Shinsho KMAC Precision Part Indonesia was built on 1st November 2012. The share holder are

1. K’MAC Co.,Ltd ( 41%)

2. Shinsho Corp. (39%)

3. Kyosei Co.,Ltd ( 20%)


Operation : 17th May 2013




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